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Why Address The Black Lives Matter Movement?

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As a Pastor of a church and Father, I feel need to address the Movement, I will share a story to help you understand, and ask that you read the daily posts throughout the week to get the rest of my message.

Recently, I was playing Madden football with my son on Xbox, and I saw an advertisement for Black Lives Matter. To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to the movement until recently.

Now I see the ads everywhere: on TV, on social media, on T-shirts of sports teams – it’s everywhere. As a pastor who’s held accountable to God in how I handle God’s word, I need to speak up on these issues because it’s in our kids’ bedrooms, it’s in your living room, on your TV, on your phones, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, the radio, and being broadcasted all over the world. My commitment to our church community is to remain culturally relevant and rooted in scripture.

I do believe that Christians need to know what the BLM movement is about, beyond the organization’s name, stating that “Black Lives Matter”. My concern is that far too many well-meaning Christian people that genuinely care for Black people are joining this movement without knowledge of its agenda or goals. My job will be to help you understand these from a Biblical perspective, by looking at the founders of BLM and the organization’s belief statement. 

Before I get started, I want to say please hang with me, especially if you are a Christian. If you love Jesus and believe in the Bible, you owe it to me as I am a brother in Christ, your pastor, and overseer, to hear me out.

First, I do have to say we all should agree with the statement that Black Lives Matter. If you are Christian and apply the Bible, you know Black lives do matter, and in saying this, I understand they are not saying White lives don’t matter. My understanding is that they are saying Black lives have not mattered much in the past. 

Join us tomorrow as Pastor Ryan calls Christians to mourn with those who are mourning