Daily Devo - Living Wise in Crazy Times, Day #4

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As a kid you may have prayed the classic children’s bed time prayer so many of us learned: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I 'wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” Prayers like these aren’t necessarily bad; it’s just that God isn’t asking for us to memorize a phrase to repeat. Rather he wants us to come to him as child would come to his/her loving parent.


In times such as these, we need to come to God in our times of need. He is there, he listens, and he does speak. His voice isn’t necessarily audible, but it is discernable. It is a still small voice that can help bring comfort to our souls in our times of need. Prayer is proven to help reduce stress and help increase a feeling and sense of peace.


I want to encourage you to pray for yourself, and to pray for others. You are going to need to rely on God, and prayer is a great pathway. You can be anywhere. You don’t even have to say the words aloud (Romans 8:26-27). Before you even utter a word, he knows it (Psalm 139:4). You can pray to God any time, all the time. He doesn’t get tired of you talking (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). As you pray, he will trade you. You give him your problems, and he will give you peace (Philippians 4:6). Ask him for wisdom, and he will give it (James 1:5).


Lastly, I want to encourage you to pray for others. When you get to heaven, you will finally see just how important your prayers were for others and how they really made a difference. For now, you’re just going to have trust that your prayer matter. God’s word tells us repeatedly to pray. We are to pray for others who are hurt, so they can find healing (James 5:16). We are to pray for people in governing positions, leaders and authorities (1 Timothy 2:1–4). This is holy and pleasing to God. Take time today and throughout the week to pray for yourself and others. You can find a prayer guide on our web page to help guide you in prayer. Join us in prayer today by visiting our prayer guide. https://www.northvalleychurch.org/join-us-in-prayer