New Elder Team Member: Steve Sutton

Steve Sutton

New Elder Team Member: Steve Sutton  

God is at work in North Valley. We are excited about all that He did in
2018. We believe He is going to do even more in 2019! To do even
more, we’ve expanded our Elder Team.  Meet Steve. He was recently
confirmed as a new elder on the team! Get a chance to learn more about
Steve and his story by reading the interview below or by connecting with
him and his wife on a Sunday.

North Valley - Steve, share with the church, a little about your Christian testimony and your call to ministry at North Valley.

Steve - I met Jesus through my wife and her family, a very strong Christian family that walks the walk. I accepted Jesus and was baptized when I was 35.

We attended church faithfully for 34 years. Many of those years I helped serve and lead on mission trips to Mexico, from building relationships to building homes for those in poverty, I love to serve people. I also led a Bible Study for 30 of those years. I guess what I’ve enjoyed the most was leading a ministry that went out into the community and helped people repair things around their house. We did things that they physically or financially couldn't do. We led this ministry for 15 years, and felt very passionate about it!

North Valley - So how did you get to North Valley?

Steve - When the church I was attending decided to go in a different direction with this ministry, we knew we needed to find a new church to get involved in. We prayed about this for a year, asking God for His direction.

One day when I was on a hike to the top of a mountain, I was deeply asking God for direction in my life. I was asking for some next steps.  I was surprised to have received a phone call within a few hours of that mountain experience.

It was Pastor Ryan! He called me and asked if I would be interested in helping at North Valley. Well, that was pretty much a God thing!  We now call North Valley home and are here to serve as God see fit.

We enjoy the challenge of helping out around the campus, and look forward to reaching the community for Jesus!

North Valley - Steve you are the handy guy. The church is in a season where help is needed on our new campus.  But you also have business experience too. You ran your own business for many years. Tell us about that.

Steve - My Uncle started Air Refrigeration Inc. in 1968. He had a stroke and needed to get out of the business due to his health issues. His son, my cousin, and I bought the business from him in 1978.

At that time, they just did service and repairs on A/C units and had three employees. I started in the office doing all of the payables, receivables, taxes, payroll, etc.

Within a year we hired office help, and I went into the field. I continued to control the office, and I began to bid and sell jobs, and we introduced sheet metal fabrication and A/C installation into the business.

Our company grew to 30. I continued to control the business part, as well as selling jobs, and working in the field to run the jobs.

We also expanded the business into insurance restoration jobs, as well as new construction and tenant improvement work.

After having the business 25 years, we sold to a larger company, who kept me on as a consultant for at least 10 years or more. To this day, I still consult on occasions.

North Valley - Pastor Ryan, as the Lead Pastor, Founding Pastor and Team Leader of the Elder Team, why do you and the Elder Team believe Steve is a good fit for the Elder Team.

Pastor Ryan - Steve is loyal. He is loyal to Jesus and the church. He’s a man of integrity to his wife and his Lord. I love Steve, and our team is excited to have him on the team as well. It was a unanimous decision.  On a practical note, because he is experienced with a small business, that will be helpful to our Team as they oversee the business side of the church. Meanwhile, his heart for people is still the major beat of his ministry, and at the core of what we do at North Valley, which is all about relationships. As I look at 2019, and the years to come, we must increase our outreach efforts in our community to reach the North Valley for Jesus Christ! Steve is the man for the season. It’s time to build up our ministries and missions and to further expand the name and fame of Jesus through the North Valley and beyond. 

Steve and Pricilla Sutton have been married for 44 years, raised three children and are the proud grandparents of three kids.