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Provider, Protector, Redeemer

Now the story hits a crisis when Boaz reveals to Ruth that as a law-abiding man, he must find a way to marry her legally. Because Naomi had chosen to welcome Ruth as a full daughter, the women had the legal right to their family land....

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Toeing the Line

Today, single people often ask where the line is in dating. But Ephesians 5:3 (NIV) says, “among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality.”...

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Stepping Out

In this scene, the older woman Naomi practiced the essence of Titus 2:3-5, providing Ruth with counsel that was wise but also quite risky....

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The World's Way or God's Way

Ruth could see the differences between a relationship in her native, sexually-immoral Moabite culture and her adopted, Godly Israelite community. ...

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Defining the Relationship

At this point in the story, Ruth and Boaz have taken center stage. Their relationship commenced with great hope as Boaz spoke kindly to Ruth, prayed for her, protected her, and provided for her all as one would expect from a man ready to be a godly husband....

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The Gift of a Redeemer

With wise motherly counsel, Naomi encouraged Ruth to stay close to Boaz and his workers because he was a godly and safe man. ...

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Getting to Provide

A clue to the remainder of the story is then revealed when Naomi informs Ruth that Boaz was, in fact, a relative somehow connected to them through her deceased husband, Elimelech (see also 2:1). Consequently, Boaz was qualified to become a “redeemer” for the women if he so chose and if other relatives concurred....

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Grateful to Know You

Boaz demonstrated his generous and kind character in his care for Ruth, making sure she is fed, safe, and employed...

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Giving to Know You

The story of Ruth and Boaz, which is arguably the greatest human love story in all of Scripture, is incredibly timely even though it is roughly 3,000 years old....

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Getting to Know You

Much of who we are and how we see the world is shaped by our earliest childhood experiences. ...

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