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Jesus’ Grandmothers, Part 2

Ruth converted to the Lord after her husband died, and she became one of the godliest women in the Bible. She was King David’s great-grandma....

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Jesus’ Grandmothers, Part 1

In an unprecedented act, Naomi’s friends seemed to have named the boy Obed in what was possibly a prophetic utterance. Obed means servant, or worshipper, of God....

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Restorer of Life

God’s order of marriage is covenant, consummation, then conception. For the first time, Boaz and Ruth enjoyed the gift of marital intimacy as husband and wife....

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Aliviah Wnenta is a 7th grader at North Valley and this is her story!

She came to our church as an energetic young lady that all would say is “ready to blaze her own path!” Independent and strong! Aliviah was definitely seeking more in her life but not quite sure how to put her finger on exactly what was missing. ...

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New Beginning

The storyline of Ruth goes from a funeral to a wedding both practically and emotionally. Ruth, which is one of the best-written short stories of all time, concludes with scenes of God’s hand of providential blessing resting upon Boaz, his lovely bride, Ruth, and her mother-in-law, Naomi. ...

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Our Redeemer

Indeed, Boaz shines forth here as a strong, bold, wise, and shrewd redeemer. He was clearly a man of action who made a promise to Ruth, headed immediately into town, called a court meeting to session, invited the unnamed man to sit down and make a decision on the spot, and in a short period, obeyed the law and redeemed Ruth as he led and everyone gladly followed him....

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Part of God's Family

Filled with joy for his legal victory and thrilled to be marrying Ruth, Boaz launched into a speech before those he had assembled to witness this great day of redemption. He promised to lovingly care for Ruth as his wife, as well as Naomi as his mother-in-law, and to honor Ruth’s deceased husband, Mahlon, and Mahlon’s deceased father, Elimelech....

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Joy from God's Plan

Influenced by Boaz’s shrewdness, the unnamed man realized that he couldn’t afford to buy the land and care for the two widows and any children that he might bear through Ruth....

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Strings Attached

By Israelite law, when land was put up for sale, it was preferable for it to be purchased by a near relative to keep it in the family (Leviticus 25:25-30; Jeremiah 32:6-12)....

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Business Day

For many people, reading the Bible can be, quite frankly, a bit disappointing. They see God speaking to people, but they’ve never heard His voice. They see angels delivering messages, but all they get are bills in the mail....

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