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Important Message to the church family from Pastor Ryan

North Valley Community Church is Growing!...

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12 Ways To Become A Great Student As An Act Of Worship

School is about to be back in session. As parents of three wonderful kids, Leslie and I help our kids get ready each year by reminding them that their lives as students can be an act of worship to God....

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Vivian Is Living A New Life

Vivian Bush grew up in a Christian household but never fully understood her mom's Christian faith. At the age of 18, she lost her mother and her heart grew cold....

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Blossoming After Baptism

This story is an encouragement to all! Ryan and Taryn McFoy share their story in an interview about their faith journey to be baptized and their spiritual growth as a family at North Valley. ...

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Kevin Ross Comes to Faith in Christ!

Kevin grew up in Scottsdale with his parents and an older brother. He only attended church for funerals. He had no real religious exposure except for a few friends....

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Strong Links

If you think about family genealogy and history like links in a chain of faith, there are broken links, weak links, strong links, and first links. ...

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Jesus’ Grandmothers, Part 2

Ruth converted to the Lord after her husband died, and she became one of the godliest women in the Bible. She was King David’s great-grandma....

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Jesus’ Grandmothers, Part 1

In an unprecedented act, Naomi’s friends seemed to have named the boy Obed in what was possibly a prophetic utterance. Obed means servant, or worshipper, of God....

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Restorer of Life

God’s order of marriage is covenant, consummation, then conception. For the first time, Boaz and Ruth enjoyed the gift of marital intimacy as husband and wife....

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Aliviah Wnenta is a 7th grader at North Valley and this is her story!

She came to our church as an energetic young lady that all would say is “ready to blaze her own path!” Independent and strong! Aliviah was definitely seeking more in her life but not quite sure how to put her finger on exactly what was missing. ...

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